Municipal Aggregation of Electric

On March 20, 2012 the electors of the Village of Winnebago passed the referendum to allow the Village Board to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial customers who have not opted out of  the electrical aggregation program. ComEd has provided a copy of the Municipal Aggregation Law for review by Village residents.  The current electrical aggregation supplier for the Village of Winnebago is Dynergy Energy Services.   

In September of 2022, the current municipal electric aggregation contract with Dynegy will end on your ComEd reading date.  At that time your ComEd account(s) will default back to ComEd for the energy supply. That is the lowest cost option because the energy market rates with our suppliers are more than the ComEd rates.  ComEd will be sending out a letter stating that you are being returned to them for your energy supply.  In June of 2022 final bids were held among the 8 communities.  The results of the last bids were all higher than the ComEd Price-t- Compare rate of $0.09762 cents per kwhr for the months of September to June 2023. The Mayors and Village Presidents at that time opted to go with a contract with Energy Harbor which starts in June of 2023 and runs for 3 years at the rate of $0.08170 per kwhr.  Customers will receive opt out notices on or around 4-3-2023 per the Energy Harbor proposed schedule below: Electrical Aggregation Questions and Answers 8-1-22

National Electrical Safety Code Clearance Facts

ComEd is committed to maintaining safe and reliable electric service. This commitment includes maintaining minimum clearances around distribution and transmission lines.  Property owners are responsible for providing proper electric service clearance and may face termination of their electric service if code guidelines are not followed.