Avoiding Frozen/Bursting Pipes

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How best to avoid frozen/ burst pipes during the extreme cold from Winnebago Public Works:


1. Find the pipes at risk for freezing. The taps and faucets nearest exterior walls lead to the pipes that could freeze and rupture during extreme cold. 2. Turn both the hot and cold taps on so they produce the smallest line of water trickling out of the tap before you go to bed at night 3. Open the cupboard doors under the sink to expose the pipes to warmer household air overnight. 4. Turn the water off again in the morning as the outdoor ambient temperature rises. The threat of freezing pipes falls as the temperature goes up. 5. If you have outdoor water sources, turn the water off at the source before freezing temperatures begin. Disconnect hoses and drain them of water. Turn the outside spigot on to empty the water lines of standing water after you turn the water source off.