Those with irrigation systems and fire suppression systems: (confirm with Chad)

Ordinance 89-06:  The Illinois Plumbing Code of 1986, 77 Ill. Adm. Code 890 et. Seq., and amendments thereto, which was adopted by the Village of Winnebago on about September 12, 1983, was amended and the following sections added:  Section nine (9) of Ordinance 85-5 amended and modified as follows:  

In accordance with Illinois Plumbing License Law, Ill. Rev. Stat 1987, Ch 1103(1) as amended, only a licenses plumber shall inspect plumbing or plumbing appurtenances on any premises to determine the presence of an existing cross-connection.  Devices in place shall be tested upon installation and annually thereafter only by an approved cross-connection control device inspector.  A copy of the test report from the cross-connection inspector shall be submitted to the Village President within ten (10) days after the date of testing. 

Failure to complete the annual inspection and provide the necessary paperwork will result in disconnection of water services.