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A Snow Emergency is declared after 2 inches of snow has fallen, and remains in effect until further notice or until all snow has been plowed to the side of the street. During a Snow Emergency, parking is not allowed on any street within the corporate limits of the Village of Winnebago. The Police Department is authorized to issue citations for failing to comply with the provisions of Ordinance #04-21 and shall issue a fine of not less than $25.00, nor more than $50.00 for each offense. (Each day of violation constitutes a separate offense). You can find Ord. #04-21 in its entirety on our website by typing “ordinance” in the search box. Regarding snow plowing, we understand how frustrating it can be when a snowplow pushes snow from the street into the base of a driveway. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this if the streets need to be cleared. The snowplow blade need to be angled to the right in order to be plow snow away from traffic. In the case of such emergencies, the community can help by shoveling driveway aprons after the snowplows have stopped plowing and the street is cleared of snow. If you are able to help a neighbor in need, please do so. If you find the need to be on the roadways, please keep a safe distance behind any snowplow or salt truck. The public’s cooperation is greatly appreciated.